Your 5 star hotel in Portofino

Choosing a 5 star hotel in Portofino is ideal for discovering the unique atmosphere that has always characterized this corner of the Ligurian Riviera. Originally Portofino was a small fishing village, but it slowly became one of the most exclusive holiday destinations, also Hollywood stars, rockstar and famous athletes are coming on vacation with their fabulous yachts or renting one of the wonderful hidden villas behind the port.

"A small village that envelops like the arc of the moon around this calm basin." – as the French author, Guy De Maupassant described Portofino in the nineteenth century. The narrow streets are bordered by art galleries, cafés and cozy restaurants however the uniqueness of the atmosphere is mainly provided by the colors: the green of the luxuriant vegetation, the pastel colors of the old houses and the crystal blue water of the Liguria Sea. Along the docks and on the small streets of Portofino you will find numerous boutiques of great fashion designers with a fine selection of unique items and accessories to take home with you.


LHP Santa Margherita Palace & Spa, our 5 star hotel in Portofino will let you enjoy one of the most picturesque landscapes of the Ligurian Riviera. You can walk through the path leading to the church of San Giorgio and the Brown Castle, an ancient structure dating back to the 10th century and now open for high-level events. For those who love walking around, behind Portofino there is a whole world to explore. The Park of Portofino has been a protected area since 1935 with the extraordinary beauty of the 80 km route and important historical, archeological, architectural and cultural heritage. Walking along the Sacred Paths, you can reach the coastal villages of this area and the breathtaking medieval monasteries.