Best 5 star hotel close to Cinque Terre

Staying in LHP Santa Margherita Palace & Spa, 5 star hotel near Cinque Terre, will give you easy access to one of the most characteristic rugged coastlines of the Mediterranean region. The Cinque Terre is worldwide famous for the beautiful cliffs sloping down to the crystal clear waters of the Ligurian Sea and the 5 romantic fishing villages nestled between the rocks. (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore).

They preserved their urban structure over the centuries as they are isolated by nature from the main communication routes and thanks to the geographical characteristics of the territory they became one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Liguria and Italy. Over the centuries stone walls and terraces were built on the steep slopes to cultivate the land which today offers vineyards and olive trees. The network of paths that covers the seaside of the mountains was once the only connection between the 5 towns as well as with La Spezia, the capital of this area. Today walking through these routes is the best and most authentic way to discover Cinque Terre. 

Monterosso al Mare is the largest town of the Cinque Terre. It is divided into two parts, the old town hiding behind the cliffs; and the modern Fegina, the more touristic one. Monterosso al Mare also boasts important monuments such as the church of San Giovanni Battista from the 14th century, the medieval Palazzo del Podestà right in front of it or the castle of Fieschi and the monastery with its church dedicated to San Francesco located on the hills of Cappuccini. 

Vernazza is considered the most charming village of the Cinque Terre. Its main square is facing the harbor with an 11 th century church and a castle tower dominating the view. 

Corniglia is the only town not on the sea, built on the top of a rock surrounded by vineyards. The most important monument of the village is the Church of San Pietro, built around 1350. 

Manarola is one of the most picturesque jewels of the Cinque Terre; a real gem nestled in the mountainous coastline sloping down to the sea. Its most important monument is the church of San Lorenzo, built in 1338 however it became famous for the multi-colored pastel houses and maze of narrow streets offering the visitors extraordinary scenery and strong emotions at any time of the day.

Riomaggiore is the last town arriving from Santa Margherita, famous for its typical tower houses painted with traditional colors, structured in three or four plants. The most popular path of The Cinque Terre, called Via dell’Amore, connects Manarola and Riomaggiore: a picturesque path with beautiful landscape surrounded by the noise of the waves crashing against the cliffs under your feet.

Book your 5 star hotel near Cinque Terre to enjoy the picturesque landscape and discover the unique villages on the coastline of Liguria. LHP Santa Margherita Palace & Spa is looking forward to welcoming you!